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You will run across a number of online auto loan lenders when searching for a loan on the web.  Often times all the online auto loan lenders you find are offering different types of products.  It is important to know exactly what type of auto loan you need and what type you qualify for.  An online auto loan can come in a few different ways.  Two typical auto loan terms you may have heard are private auto financing and dealership financing.  These are two different ways one can go about qualifying for an auto loan.  While private auto financing and dealership financing are 2 completely different things, ultimately they both allow you to do the same thing; buy a new car.

Private auto financing is essentially an auto loan from a lender or bank that allows an individual to go anywhere to purchase a car.  They give you a limit you qualify for based on your credit history along with your % down and a few other factors.  Once a loan limit is set they essentially send you a blank check you can use to purchase the vehicle up to the limit you qualified for.  You are able to use this check to purchase the car, weather it is from a dealership or from a private individual.  This is great for people who want to purchase a used car from a private party, but in order to qualify you must have good standing credit.  While this type of online auto loan may sound great, not everyone is able to obtain one. 

Dealership financing is when a specific dealer offers you the auto loan but on the condition that you will buy the car from their lot.  This type of online auto loan or auto financing has higher interest rates then private auto financing.  These loans are beneficial to someone who has bad credit but is still in desperate need of a car loan.  This loan has more risk to the dealership lending you the money but it also guarantees that the dealer is going to sell a car, so often times it works out great for both parties.  When you apply for this the marketing company will look at your location and then dealerships within that general area will decide if they are willing to give you the auto loan.  Essentially the dealerships are fighting for your business!  This is highly recommended for someone who has bad credit but wants a new car.

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