I have bad credit.  Can I still get a loan?

Bad credit is something many people have to deal with, weather they know they have bad credit or not.  A common problem facing many Americans is failing to qualify for loans because they have such bad credit.  America is a debtor nation.  Our economy is based on the borrowing and lending of money.  This is the backbone that fuels our economy; unfortunately some people are unable to deal with the burden of debt and fail to make their payments on time.  This leads to all the bad credit problems you hear about facing our nation’s borrowers. 

People with bad credit are often the ones who need loans more then the rest of us the problem is they are the ones that are unable to manage their finances.  Every financial demission you make affects your credit one way or another.  Most Americans fail to understand this, or simply choose not to.  They take a payday loan for example and have already decided that they will not pay it back.  They apply for a credit card with bad credit and rack up the balance almost the same day they get it.  They apply for loan after loan with out qualifying, not knowing that every application they make takes a hit to their already low credit score.  These actions, and ones like them, prevent all future chances of applying for a personal loan, auto loan, or home loan.

Bad credit is a choice many people make, but often times there is still hope to reverse it.  Check you credit score to determine just how bad your credit is.  Talk to a credit counselor, or read articles about bad credit, they may offer tips or solutions to turning your credit crisis around.  There may be only a few steps needed to take in order to qualify for that personal loan, auto loan, or mortgage loan.  You might as well know what’s on your credit report; it is for your own good. 

In conclusion, bad credit is a problem facing hundreds of thousands of Americans daily.  Hiding from the problem is not going to change it; often it just makes it worse.  Sometimes the information that is reporting is wrong and it is causing your bad credit.  Bad credit is often times embarrassing and frustrating.  You do have the chance to reverse your bad credit.  Start today, review your report, read advice and suggestions, and start making choices to better the financial situation for you and your family now.


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