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  • US resident over 18 years old
  • Borrow up to $1,000
  • Active checking account
  • $1,000 minimum monthly income
  • This service is not available in Illinois, Massachusetts, or Georgia nor is it available in any state where it is prohibited by law.

Since 1995 the mission of has been to help customers learn about credit and find the right service for their situation.

Applying for a loan, credit card or debt assistance program though is easy. Their secure online forms match your application details with the best provider.


 cash advance advisor

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  •  Cash loans from $200 to $1500
  •  Cash will be directly deposited into your bank account
  • Apply in less than two minutes


Cash Advance Advisor is not a lender of short term loans.  They have agreements with independent, third party lenders, in which they attempt to match you with lenders.



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  • Get a Payday Loan up to $1000 by tomorrow.
  • No faxing or credit check required.
  • Approval in 30 seconds.


Visit to qualify for a cash advance payday loan.  They will match with an ideal lender to meet your financial needs.


Online Payday Loan - Pros


·         When you are in a tough situation and in desperate need of cash; an online payday loan can get you the cash you need within 24 hours

·         Does not take into account your credit history, so those with not so good credit can still get a short term cash loan.


Online Payday Loan - Cons


·         You often pay extremely high interest rates.

·         There is no way to negotiate with the lenders on rates or repayment dates.


Online Cash Advance Risks

·         Often times people get caught in the vicious online cash advance cycle of taking out online payday loan after payday loan.

·         If you fail to repay the loan you may be unable to qualify for an online cash advance payday loan in the future.

Tips for Payday Loans


·         Know the terms and condition for all payday loans.

·         Compare interest rates for all payday loans you find.


At online loans and credit we try to take the guess work of the payday loan option by showing some terms and benefits of a few different lenders.  While payday loans should always be the last resort, it may be your only option.  We try to make the process as easy as possible for you to understand.  We looked at a few common cash advance lenders you will find on the web and compared the steps involved in their application process and approval process.

While payday loans may seem like the last resort, it is always best to explore all financial options prior to applying for payday loans. Also, read all the terms of the online payday loan you apply for.  Sometimes people only think about the online cash advance and fail to realize the exact terms of the payday loan that they are signing up for.

These payday loans are a short term cash advance until your next payday.  It is advised that you look at all other financial options available to you prior to applying for an online cash advance payday loan.  These types of loans should be treated as a last resort option.  Many Americans get caught in the vicious cycle that payday loans create.  They end up borrowing and then paying it back when their check comes.  Since they paid off the payday loan they find that they are short on cash again and then take out another online cash advance.  They get caught in this cycle and it happens again and again.  Basically be responsible and make sure this is the last resort for cash.  Sometimes even taking cash from a credit card will offer a lower interest rate then the cash advance.  Even this is not the best options but at times it can be better.  Also, check if a family member or friend can loan you the short term cash needed.  Remember, never apply for more then you need or more then you can pay back! 



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