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Online Home Loans for Purchase


·         New home loans are loans given when a home is first purchased.

·         Could be taken out as a single loan, or two separate loans.


Online Mortgage Refinance


·         An online mortgage refinance is when a borrower refinances their existing mortgage.

·         Often times this is done to get a better interest rate, lower monthly payments, or to get cash out.


Second Mortgage


·         A second mortgage is similar to a first mortgage but generally has a lower balance and higher rate.

·         May be used when a home is first purchased and the borrower needs more money then a 1st mortgage will satisfy.


Home Equity Loan


·         A home equity loan is taken out by a home owner who needs a quick credit line.

·         Avoids a costly mortgage refinance and typically paid as interest only.


With all the recent turmoil in the home loan industry, qualifying today for a new home loan is harder then ever.  Not only for new home loan borrowers; but for existing home owners as well.  Today, in order to qualify for a home refinance people have to have better then perfect credit.  The problem is, that it is those with less then perfect credit who are the ones that need the mortgage refinance more then anyone.  These poor people got suckered into to adjustable rate mortgages when they first purchased their homes or refinanced them.  Now the rates are beginning to adjust and many find that they currently cannot qualify for an online mortgage refinance to lock the rate.

This problem is happening all over the country and is leading to incredibly high default rates; in some places more then double those of the previous year.  It is important for new home loan borrowers to educate themselves now in order to understand how the market works so they can avoid the dangerous pitfalls so many Americans now find themselves in.  Understanding common loan terms will help you identify a broker who is just using you to earn a quick buck.  This is the root of the problem that led to what we are now seeing in the current mortgage market.  Refer to the article below for more on this.

Better educating yourself prior to applying for new online home loans or an online mortgage refinance will prevent you from falling into the same fate as so many Americans are seeing.  It is important to understand the difference between a second mortgage and a home equity loan; and just when it is best to use them. 



Home loan industry's recent problems

You may have heard the recent trouble you friends or family has had trying to get a home loan.  I am sure you have heard all about the home loan industry's problem this past year.  Even if you were not in the home loan market yourself this year, chances are it will affect you one way or another.  Almost everyone trying to get, or has gotten a home loan in the past year will feel the hurt of what has happened in the industry.

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