Choosing the Right Online Personal Loans

Online personal loan are perfect for getting some cash for that upcoming vacation, consolidating outstanding credit card debt, or getting some much needed emergency cash.  Online personal loans allow you to get anywhere from $100 up to $15,000 while making one easy monthly payment.  Personal loans come in three different types; unsecured personal loans, secured personal loans, and cash advance payday loans.

Choosing the right personal loan for you depends on one simple factor:  How much money do you need?  If you need under $1500 and plan to pay it back when your next check comes then a payday loan is for you.  While the interest rates will be higher this loan is simple because it will not affect your credit score and report and you pay it back as soon at your next check is deposited into your account. 

If you need more then $1,500 but less then $15,000 then applying for typical online personal loans would most likely be best for you.  Distinguishing between secured and unsecured may seem like a challenge and confusing but that step is also very simple.  Do you have the proper assets to back the loan you are taking as collateral?  If so, then secured personal loans are what you should be applying for.  Since you have assets to back up the amount of the loan then the lender will see you as less of a risk and often times the interest rates on these loans will be much lower.

If you do not have the proper assets or collateral to back up the amount of money you intend to borrow then you should be applying for unsecured personal loans.  This type of loan is defined simply as having nothing backing it in terms of collateral, in the case that you fail to make payments and default on the loan; the bank may then have the right to that collateral.    Therefore, a lender will give you the same loan but with a higher interest rate because they see you as a higher risk. 

Just remember when applying for personal loans always borrow as little as you can.  If anything try to come with other ideas instead of actually borrowing the money.  Most online personal loans are taken for things that people don’t really need and are often time useless.  Make sure you look at all of your financial options before deciding to apply for personal loans.  The one time personal loans can be beneficial is when consolidating high interest credit card debt.  In this case online personal loans can sometime reduce monthly cash outflow by hundreds of dollars. 

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